Nobody is perfect...but if you can Skate,
you are pretty close


Skate for fun - not for fame

We love skateboarding. That sensation of pushing faster and faster, ollie up a curb, cruising in the streets or carving in a bowl is imprinted in our minds and bodies.

Skateboarding is all about fun, and this what we want to give you during our skateboarding sessions.

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We built a funny mini ramp in our warehouse to skate during rainy days or when the ocean is messy. It’s almost 8m wide with two different heights: 1.7m to 2.3m vertical extension. In the warehouse there’s some space to do flat tricks and a small quarter that permits us to provide skate lessons for kids, girls, adults. 


At Kokua we also host “La Fabbricona”, our friend Matteo Storelli’s lab, a high-quality skateboard decks manufacturing, with the project of setting up a new Portuguese skateboard company. The lab is based in our warehouse and open to public visits. But is also possible to explore via workshops the full process of design and production of skateboards.

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