Kokua Surfarm is the place we call home. 

You can too.

Kokua Surfarm is the place we call home. A place where we’ve come to enjoy slow pace life in it’s purest and simplest way, doing what we love-surfing and skating, in harmony with the surrounding nature, and enjoying good healthy food with homegrown produce from our organic vegetable garden in between. And we want to share it all with you.

Join us, in a place where tranquility of farm life based on principles of permaculture and sustainability welcomes surfers, skaters & yogis, and all the rest looking for an authentic experience of a relaxed stay in a traditional Portuguese farm house - ”quinta”.

It's a skate & surf farm. 

And much more.

Kokua Surfarm consists of a traditional Portuguese farm house (“quinta”), backyard with sundeck, hot tub and a small swimming pool; an organic vegetable garden and a warehouse with indoor skate half-pipe and skate lab. It’s also a home to 2 dogs, 5 cats, 2 geese, a few chickens and a horse.

Our accommodation sleeps 10 people in 4 dorm rooms with individual beds, however if you’re coming as a couple/family, we have the possibility to adapt the rooms accordingly. Contact us directly for these options so we can find the solution that fits your needs and wishes best.

All the bedrooms are located on the first floor, as well as two bathrooms with showers and a living room area with fireplace overlooking the backyard.

In the ground floor, you will find a fully equipped common kitchen, spacious and bright multifunction space and a dining area.

A place to pause and savor every moment. A place where you can breathe in the salty ocean air while enjoying the countryside tranquility; delight in homemade food prepared with love including produce from our lovingly tended organic vegetable garden; start your day with yoga on our own under the morning sun; dip in our refreshing pool or skate in our indoor half pipe ramp.

At Kokua, we don’t only share experiences – we share knowledge as well: here, you can learn how to surf & skate with licenced instructors, learn how to make authentic Italian pizza or gnocchi during workshops, or even learn about the old school process of making an high quality skateboard from scratch in our skate lab.

Our Surfarm is always full of life and soul, and although easy going, there’s always something happening. From dinner get-togethers, cooking workshops, pizza parties to outdoor movie nights, we’re always up to something fun. When choosing to stay with us, you will get a whole lot more than a bed and breakfast: you will get to share experiences and memorable moments with like-minded people, at one with nature, and become part of Kokua community.

For those who want to dive deeper and follow our lead, we have prepared all kinds of weekly retreats, full of fun activities, delicious and healthy meals and memorable moments.