Mediterranean Agroforestry
and Food Forest workshop

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Workshop Mediterranean Agroforestry and FoodForest

25-26-27 November 2023


3 days/ 2 nights

@Kokuasurfarm, Peniche

With Eva Kneading

What’s included:

  1. Accommodation in Kokuasurfarm, Peniche
  2. Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner (vegetarian food)
  3. 21 hours of theory and practice
  4. Swimming pool
  5. Jacuzzi
€ 240
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Mediterranean Agroforestry
and Food Forest


Let’s learn from Nature and let’s divulge what it taught us, to survive on this planet!

Between land and sea.
Find out how to make a food forest.

A food forest, also called a forest garden, is a diverse planting of edible plants that mimic the ecosystem.

You will learn how to install an agroforest from scratch and how to grow fruits, nuts, flowers, and vegetables with a highly productive system with low maintenance also suitable for small spaces,  edible forest creating a natural ecosystem.

A food forest is made up of fruit trees, fruit shrubs, aromatic herbs, perennial vegetables, mushrooms, vines, etc.

Agroforestry can be designed in any type of terrain, large or small.

The workshop will be in Portuguese, if you speak another language, please let us know. We speak Portuguese, Italian and English.

Further details of the program will be provided to you upon your enrollment. Contact us at our email .

Topics of the course

  • The training courses are outdoors and indoors with some practical and other theoretical lessons
  • Construction and maintenance of a food forest
  • Construction and maintenance of agroforestry
  • Differences between agroforestry and food forest
  • Free time to visit the surroundings and go shopping
  • We offer a bicycle rental service
  • Harvest, productivity and other functions of an edible forest
  • Mixed flowerbeds (plants), with cover (straw)
  • Plant species adapted to our climate
  • Sowing, harvesting and storing seeds
  • Biofertilizers
  • functional design
  • Maintenance and basic rules for growing fruit
  • Soil regeneration
* The menu is vegetarian, but we have no problem if you want to cook other things


Eva Gramola

In 2010 she immersed herself in the extraordinary world of permaculture, which immediately became a great passion. She began her journey of research and deep interest through studios and permaculturists for several years experimenting with various techniques. Until 2022 when she obtained the Permaculture Designer Certificate at Aldeia do Vale in Mafra, with Silvia Floresta, a well-known Permaculture designer who has been active for many years and a pioneer of permaculture in Portugal. She has been running the Kokua surfarm project for several years.

Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course

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@ Kokuasurfarm, Peniche

Our accommodation sleeps 10 people in 4 dorm rooms with individual beds, however, if you’re coming as a couple/family, we have the possibility to adapt the rooms accordingly. Contact us directly for these options so we can find the solution that fits your needs and wishes best.

All the bedrooms are located on the first floor, as well as two bathrooms with showers and a living room area with a fireplace overlooking the backyard.
On the ground floor, you will find a fully equipped common kitchen, a spacious and bright multifunction space, and a dining area.


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